What you should know about Thailand Culture

What you should know about Thailand Culture

Bangkok, as the capital city of Thailand, is famous among people all over the world. Many skyscrapers are found in this city. It makes us assume that the city becomes a modern city and might lose its traditional culture.

Fortunately, Thai people always keep their culture as part of their living. You will notice when you visit this country. They will show you a warm gesture as a sign of welcome for the foreigners.

Here are some examples of Thai culture that you should know.

What you should know about Thailand Culture
What you should know about Thailand Culture

Families are important.

For Thai people, a family is an important matter. It always comes in the first place comparing to western culture.

A large number of siblings might surprise you. It makes you think that they have numerous cousins. They have no word for cousins, and it causes them to refer to cousins as their brother or sister.

Another thing you should know is how they live. You will discover that the extended family is commonly live nearby each other. This way is done to sustain a strong connection between Thai people with their home villages.

What you should know about Thailand Culture
What you should know about Thailand Culture

Smiles mean many things.

Non-Thai people might think that they have a warm personality. They are happy people because they always welcome people with their constant smiles. Thus, this nation is known as the Land of Smiles!

However, you should understand that smiles mean many things. It does not always express happiness. It is sometimes used as a mask to show a hospitable character.

People have no worries. 

You will see that Thai people unusually express their negative emotions in public. It is rarely finding them anger or tantrums in public. It is something extraordinary for them.

Yet, they will not do this in private as well. They do that simply because Thai do not want to lose self-respect by showing negative feelings in public.

There is a common phrase that you heard many times daily that is mai bpen rai. It means that no worries or no problem. You will hear this phrase almost in every activity.

Superstitions are rife. 

It is common for Thai people to connect the presence of ghosts and spirits. Because of that, this country is also called the land of superstitious.

You will know that it is usual for them to ask a fortune-teller or monk. They do it to find an auspicious date before a certain celebration, such as arranging a wedding, or other ordinary situation.

Status is powerful. 

In Thai culture, status is a big deal, although it does not seem visible. Numerous factors are contributing to one’s regarded status in society, for example, family connections, education, job types, and income levels.

You might be surprised knowing that a Thai can achieve or lose status once their circumstances change. This change also affects the way they greet each other or called a wai.