Thailand Agriculture

In Thailand, Agriculture becomes one of the main contributors to the economy. It is essential for the country’s sustainability because most of the Thai labor works in the farming industry.

Agriculture makes the nation popular among people from other countries due to the successful export. It makes international people are familiar with Thailand Agriculture and Farming. This article will share with you some interesting information about Thailand Agriculture.

Rice is essential for Thai.

Although rice is not the only Thai farming, it becomes the primary farming production. It is the main crop, and almost 60% of farmers produce rice.

Rice is a Thai staple food. Each citizen eats rice with an average amount of 115 kilograms per year. So, most farmers plan this grain in their cultivated land.

Due to its numerous production, it makes the nation export this grain. Thailand becomes one of the largest supporters to export rice.

Thai Farms have specific locations. 

The farming land is located in particular regions like Central and Northeast of the nation. Of course, you will not find their cultivated land in the city center like Bangkok. However, the southern region also gives contributions to farming.

Central Thailand has wet and almost flat farming lands. This region is popular with the terms “rice bowl” or “breadbasket”. Therefore, it is perfect for growing multiple crops.

Meanwhile, Northeast Thailand is dominated by arable lands. This region has a cooler climate if you compare it to other places in Thailand. Thus, this area is suitable to cultivate several cooler crops such as strawberries, avocados, potatoes, cabbages, and bell peppers.

For coffee, you can found it is grown mostly in Chiang Rai. It is the mountainous area located in the north.

Thai Farms have specific locations
Thai Farms have specific locations

It is common to use buffalos for farming.

Although some Thai farmers take machinery for their farming, some still take buffalos in helping with the agricultural task. Using buffalos in agriculture is a traditional method that quite popular in Thailand.

Most farmers have insufficient funds to purchase or even to rent any mechanical farming tool. It makes them turn into the cheaper method that is using buffalos.

Water buffalos are important for Thailand Agriculture. The farmers use it to pull the plows for their farming.

Aside from its strength, water buffalos serve several advantages not only for farming but also for daily life. Its manure is good as a natural fertilizer, while its meat is nutritious as well.

For harvesting, traditional farmers will use their hands. They will hire seasonal laborers if it is needed.

buffalos for farming
buffalos for farming

Thai produces other major agricultural products.

Apart from rice, it provides some other farming products. One of them is durian. This nation is popular with any other exports include coconuts, pineapples, shrimp, and tuna.

Thailand produces numerous amounts of milk, which is approximately one million tonnes each year. They become the main producer as well as exporter for dairy products in ASEAN.

Its palm oil is also popular all over the world due to its best quality. The local production of palm oil is used mostly for domestic.

Consider Farm Tourism In Thailand for Your Unique, Beneficial Holiday
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Consider Farm Tourism In Thailand for Your Unique, Beneficial Holiday

Everything about Thailand is overwhelming. It is not only rich in culture, fascinating natural beauty, and agrarianism, but it is also popular for its agriculture and farming. These days, many business people in Thailand expand their agrotourism sites for attracting visitors who are mostly from western countries. Farming in Thailand doesn’t require too much effort. The climate is good and the water supply is abundant. Planting almost all kinds of plants is much easier, though it can be very challenging during the monsoon. The plants can be used for feeding the farm, as well as being sold in many supermarkets

Consider Farm Tourism In Thailand for Your Unique, Beneficial Holiday
Consider Farm Tourism In Thailand for Your Unique, Beneficial Holiday

Interested in Visiting Farm Tourism in Thailand? Read This First 

The best thing about farm tourism in Thailand is its low-priced cost. People who own a big land can start planting several plants, which are unique for most western tourists. They include rice, corn, and several vegetables and fruits. Most of the time, they also own some animals like pigs, cows, sheep, and goats. They are the most popular farm animals which can deliver high profits. Farms and agriculture cannot be separated, because farm waste can be the best fertilizer for the plants. At the same time, the plants are the animals’ main consumption.

Due to the growing rate visit of tourists in this country, there is also an increasing number of farm tourism. Several farms are designed like a hotel, where tourists can spend a night or two comfortably while enjoying the sophisticatedly designed farm with high technology of hygiene and infrastructures. Those farms utilize optimum biosecurity in which they raised those farm animals without the use of antibiotics food and vaccines. Besides, those farms reuse energy from animals’ waste.

Keep in mind that those farming tourism spots can be accessed all-year-round, thanks to the tropical climate of the country. Tourists can feed animals, watch how they are nourished, and also enjoy the cuisines from their meats. For example, a cow tourism farm provides milk and its dairy product like cheese and ice cream. Tourists can also milk the cow with the help of experienced guides.

Consider Farm Tourism In Thailand for Your Unique, Beneficial Holiday
Consider Farm Tourism In Thailand for Your Unique, Beneficial Holiday

Organic Farming Is Highly Popular 

Organic farmings have been very popular during the past decade, thanks to the high level of awareness by some Thailand citizens. In 2020, the phenomenon is increasing, where lots of farming owners maximize the use of organic products to feed their animals and develop the use of their waste in an organic way for fertilizing their plantations. This kind of business is highly increasing, as the country is in a great effort to attract tourists from western countries, who concern about organic products. Such products include vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and also meats.

Tourists can search through the Internet for the most recommended farming tourism in Thailand, which is very widely available. Most of them don’t own websites, though visitors can get lots of information from local guides. They are actually worth visiting as they are mostly available in very remote places, which still ensure the natural way of cultivating and farming processes. Besides, visiting those places may require no entry ticket.

Several Industries Sectors That Supports Thailand Economy
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Several Industries Sectors That Supports Thailand Economy

Thailand gains income mainly from the industries. Although it is a new industrial nation, it performs a significant economic growth. The nation’s economy depends mostly on export.

Data shows that exports support more than two-thirds of income from its gross domestic product or GDP. With a low inflation rate, the Thai economy shows notable growth.

The major sector that supports Thai GDP is the industrial and service sectors. Yet, those sectors produce GDP lower than the trades and communication. Then, it is followed by the construction and mining sector.

Several Industries Sectors That Supports Thailand Economy
Several Industries Sectors That Supports Thailand Economy


Agriculture, forestry, and fishing

Agriculture, forestry, and fishing provide up to 8.4 percent of GDP in 2008. In the rural region, farm jobs can support almost half of employment.

Rice is their major contributor that makes this nation well-known for its rice exporter. However, its rice export is not as much as India and Vietnam.

Aside from rice, it has many other farming products for export. Shrimps become the second-largest export after rice. Then, it is followed by rubber, sugarcane, coconuts, soybeans, corn, and tapioca.


Electronics is also the largest export in Thailand. It provides 15 percent of the total product exports.


This nation is the second biggest hard disk drives makers in the world, and the first is lead by China. It involves Seagate Technology among the producers.

Several Industries Sectors That Supports Thailand Economy
Several Industries Sectors That Supports Thailand Economy


In ASEAN, Thailand is the capital for vehicle manufacturing. The production of vehicles is double in 2001 if you compare it with the product in 2004.

There are several popular automobile brands located in Thailand, for example, Ford and Toyota. This automotive expansion improves the production of domestic steel.


Thailand consumes energy approximately 0.7 percent of world energy consumption in total. It is a pure importer of natural gas and oil.

Nowadays, the government tries to promote ethanol to lessen the imports of petroleum. Besides, it can reduce additive ingredients in gasoline.


Apart from the above industries, there are service sectors that support the nation’s economic income. It includes the tourism sector.

Tourism is the second largest contributor after the agriculture industry. It shares a significant contributor to GDP. The tourist from both domestics and foreigners increase the nation’s income.

If you compare to any other nation in ASEAN, tourism supports Thailand’s economic growth. Multiple reasons bring tourists to visit this nation, mainly for leisure activity.

Banking and Finance

Thailand also has several commercial banks from national to international banks. Many factors can affect economic stability. One of the common things is the political factor.

Economic stability brings trust to investors that also happens in Thailand’s banking and finance system. They are investing because they trust in the nation’s economic stability. Here, you will easily find some commercial banks or specialized banks, both national and internationally owned.


The retail industry can absorb millions of Thai workers. Most retail companies not only come from large multinational and national but also from small businesses.

What you should know about Thailand Culture
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What you should know about Thailand Culture

Bangkok, as the capital city of Thailand, is famous among people all over the world. Many skyscrapers are found in this city. It makes us assume that the city becomes a modern city and might lose its traditional culture.

Fortunately, Thai people always keep their culture as part of their living. You will notice when you visit this country. They will show you a warm gesture as a sign of welcome for the foreigners.

Here are some examples of Thai culture that you should know.

What you should know about Thailand Culture
What you should know about Thailand Culture

Families are important.

For Thai people, a family is an important matter. It always comes in the first place comparing to western culture.

A large number of siblings might surprise you. It makes you think that they have numerous cousins. They have no word for cousins, and it causes them to refer to cousins as their brother or sister.

Another thing you should know is how they live. You will discover that the extended family is commonly live nearby each other. This way is done to sustain a strong connection between Thai people with their home villages.

What you should know about Thailand Culture
What you should know about Thailand Culture

Smiles mean many things.

Non-Thai people might think that they have a warm personality. They are happy people because they always welcome people with their constant smiles. Thus, this nation is known as the Land of Smiles!

However, you should understand that smiles mean many things. It does not always express happiness. It is sometimes used as a mask to show a hospitable character.

People have no worries. 

You will see that Thai people unusually express their negative emotions in public. It is rarely finding them anger or tantrums in public. It is something extraordinary for them.

Yet, they will not do this in private as well. They do that simply because Thai do not want to lose self-respect by showing negative feelings in public.

There is a common phrase that you heard many times daily that is mai bpen rai. It means that no worries or no problem. You will hear this phrase almost in every activity.

Superstitions are rife. 

It is common for Thai people to connect the presence of ghosts and spirits. Because of that, this country is also called the land of superstitious.

You will know that it is usual for them to ask a fortune-teller or monk. They do it to find an auspicious date before a certain celebration, such as arranging a wedding, or other ordinary situation.

Status is powerful. 

In Thai culture, status is a big deal, although it does not seem visible. Numerous factors are contributing to one’s regarded status in society, for example, family connections, education, job types, and income levels.

You might be surprised knowing that a Thai can achieve or lose status once their circumstances change. This change also affects the way they greet each other or called a wai.

The Animals of Thailand that are Endangered that Must be Known
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The Animals of Thailand that are Endangered that Must be Known

Currently, there are many countries in the world that have animals that are at risk of extinction.  One of them is at the White Elephant country, or better known as Thailand.  Why is extinction a serious manner or a topic of discussion on the protection of species or the environment?

It’s not only about protecting, but also preserving the species needs to be done.  Protecting but also allowing them, the protected animals, to always exist, in a sustainable manner, should be done when there is still the chance to do so.

In the case of Thailand, what are the main animals that are endangered?  For sure there are many exotic animals here in Thailand.  While you’re on your journey to explore the exotic culture and the beaches of Thailand, don’t forget to visit the exotic animals that you rarely get to see that are endangered.

The Animals of Thailand that are Endangered that Must be Known
The Animals of Thailand that are Endangered that Must be Known

Thai Elephant

In Thailand, white elephants as the country calls it do exist.  This elephant species are a symbol of the Kingdom of Thailand.  It is a rare type of elephant often described as white in color, but it’s actually a soft reddish-brown color that turns pink when wet.

Besides white elephants, there are few other species of elephants found in Thailand.  Even though their quantity has decreased, these large animals are still seen roaming in the wild.  For this reason, elephants are considered sacred and majestic animals, so almost no one dare to torture these animals for profit in Thailand.


Binturong or the English term “bearcat”, is the largest animal of the weasel species and is considered endangered.  Most of these animals are shy in nature and like to be in the trees, but when present, they have a very unique smell, like the smell of popcorn as the locals describe.  Unfortunately, these animal species are often hunted down to be used as private pets with poor development, making the species even more endangered.  With black or brownish fur color, this animal body size reaches 98 cm and weighs about 20 kg.

The Animals of Thailand that are Endangered that Must be Known
The Animals of Thailand that are Endangered that Must be Known


In Thailand, it is very difficult to find this next rare animal in the forest.  Owa is a type of monkey with a unique look that has a distinctive white beard and whiskers.  They usually like to hang from tree to tree and can jump up to 15 meters at a speed of 55 km per hour.  Thus, the sound of this animal, commonly known as Gibbon, can be heard up to 1 km.


Next on the list of endangered animals in Thailand are tigers, most of which are now in captivity to protect them.  However, they can be seen several times out in the wild, but the number is estimated to be less than 300.  In addition, it is known that these animals are reproducing so well, so as not to become extinct.