Thailand Agriculture

In Thailand, Agriculture becomes one of the main contributors to the economy. It is essential for the country’s sustainability because most of the Thai labor works in the farming industry.

Agriculture makes the nation popular among people from other countries due to the successful export. It makes international people are familiar with Thailand Agriculture and Farming. This article will share with you some interesting information about Thailand Agriculture.

Rice is essential for Thai.

Although rice is not the only Thai farming, it becomes the primary farming production. It is the main crop, and almost 60% of farmers produce rice.

Rice is a Thai staple food. Each citizen eats rice with an average amount of 115 kilograms per year. So, most farmers plan this grain in their cultivated land.

Due to its numerous production, it makes the nation export this grain. Thailand becomes one of the largest supporters to export rice.

Thai Farms have specific locations. 

The farming land is located in particular regions like Central and Northeast of the nation. Of course, you will not find their cultivated land in the city center like Bangkok. However, the southern region also gives contributions to farming.

Central Thailand has wet and almost flat farming lands. This region is popular with the terms “rice bowl” or “breadbasket”. Therefore, it is perfect for growing multiple crops.

Meanwhile, Northeast Thailand is dominated by arable lands. This region has a cooler climate if you compare it to other places in Thailand. Thus, this area is suitable to cultivate several cooler crops such as strawberries, avocados, potatoes, cabbages, and bell peppers.

For coffee, you can found it is grown mostly in Chiang Rai. It is the mountainous area located in the north.

Thai Farms have specific locations
Thai Farms have specific locations

It is common to use buffalos for farming.

Although some Thai farmers take machinery for their farming, some still take buffalos in helping with the agricultural task. Using buffalos in agriculture is a traditional method that quite popular in Thailand.

Most farmers have insufficient funds to purchase or even to rent any mechanical farming tool. It makes them turn into the cheaper method that is using buffalos.

Water buffalos are important for Thailand Agriculture. The farmers use it to pull the plows for their farming.

Aside from its strength, water buffalos serve several advantages not only for farming but also for daily life. Its manure is good as a natural fertilizer, while its meat is nutritious as well.

For harvesting, traditional farmers will use their hands. They will hire seasonal laborers if it is needed.

buffalos for farming
buffalos for farming

Thai produces other major agricultural products.

Apart from rice, it provides some other farming products. One of them is durian. This nation is popular with any other exports include coconuts, pineapples, shrimp, and tuna.

Thailand produces numerous amounts of milk, which is approximately one million tonnes each year. They become the main producer as well as exporter for dairy products in ASEAN.

Its palm oil is also popular all over the world due to its best quality. The local production of palm oil is used mostly for domestic.